-profound Jewish prayer techniques that lend wings to our emotions- 

With All My Heart explores questions such as: What is Jewish prayer? How do we achieve intimacy with G‑d? What is the mystical meaning, power, and impact of our prayers? If prayer is a journey, what is its destination? And how do we practice focused mindfulness while engaging in our day-to-day responsibilities?


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Presented by Rabbi Zalman Minkowitz 

Zalman Minkowitz was born and raised in Montreal Canada. He spent eight years in various Talmudic seminaries around the world. He graduated at the Rabbinical College of America in 2012, and was ordained by Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, former chief Rabbi of Israel. Zalman is a writer, lecturer and serves as Rabbi of Chabad Chevy Chase.




 Course Overview 



Lesson 1: Awakening Our Deepest Selves

Prayer is not a ritual; it is a contemplative tool that helps us balance urgent or bodily matters with what’s meaningful and important. It tunes us in to our deepest beliefs and feelings, giving them expression in our immediate lives.

Lesson 2: The Kabbalah of Prayer

What’s the secret behind prayer’s mystical power? How does it affect the flow of cosmic energy? Can it alter the Divine will? Learn how to engage in this endeavor more effectively, and how to regard your most important wishes as part of your relationship with the Creator.

Lesson 3: Discovering Nature’s Wonderland

Guided meditations in prayer transport us from a place of natural indifference to an awestruck, vivid awareness with heartfelt marveling at the rich spiritual meaning in our surroundings.

Lesson 4: Toward Transcendence

Moving from the manifest to the transcendent, our meditative journey brings us to realize how, in the grand scheme, we are but negligible dots. Yet, despite our tininess, we serve as agents in a mission of infinite import.

Lesson 5: Total Surrender

At the pinnacle of inspiration and intimacy with the Creator, what comes next? More inspiration? No. Letting go. When the ego loses its sense of identity and is absorbed in its greater purpose, it is, paradoxically, best suited to appeal for its needs.

Lesson 6: The Power of the Community

Is there a way to bring the exhilarating passion of a secluded hilltop meditation into a synagogue, when praying with a group and prayer book? We explore practical tips for synchronizing a heartfelt spiritual journey with a communal synagogue experience.