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Who we are

Chabad Chevy Chase is a community center for Jewish life and learning. We are excited to be joining over 3000 Chabad centers world wide which are dedicated to bringing the Joy of Judaism to Jews from all walks of life.

Chabad CC was founded in 2015.


Mission Statement:

To strengthen Jewish awareness in the Chevy Chase community by bringing a sense of enthusiasm through adult education programs, family events, Shabbat and Holiday programing, and Jewish networking events.

Our philosophy is to create Jewish unity through Ahavat Yisrael (love for fellow man). We are dedicated to the well being of the community 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Chabad is known for its warmth and respect for all, regardless of affiliation or background. We are committed to upholding this tradition.


Our Rabbi

Zalman Minkowitz was born and raised in the Chabad community of Montreal Canada. He spent eight years in various Talmudic seminaries around the world including Brooklyn NY, Safed Israel, Rostov Russia, and Kfar Chabad Israel. He graduated at the Rabbinical College of America in 2012, and was ordained by Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, former chief Rabbi of Israel.

As a young rabbinical student, Zalman combined his leadership qualities, friendly personality, and strong Jewish passion, to dedicate his life towards the dissemination of Judaism. He began to travel around the world visiting different Jewish communities and organizing Jewish outreach missions in Russia, Ukraine. Denmark, Sweden, Oklahoma, and Massachusetts. Zalman was formerly Program Director of the Jewish Released Time, overseeing its 100 locations.

Our Rebetzin

Mushka Minkowitz was born and raised in Baltimore Maryland. She pursued her studies at the Teacher’s Seminary in Safed, Israel. Her passion for Jewish outreach was instilled in her from a very young age by her parents Rabbi and Rebetzin Kaplan, Regional directors of Chabad of Maryland.

Mushka has many years of experience as a preschool and Hebrew School teacher, as well as program coordinator. She has worked all around the world including Ukraine, Costa Rica, California, Manhattan, and Queens. Her friendly, positive personality is felt by all who meet her.



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Our Partners

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