JUDA Curriculum for grades K-5th

This year, JUDA students in grades K-5th will be embarking on an extraordinary forty-year road trip to the Holy Land through the book of Shemot. 

Developed by CKids (The Chabad Children's Network), our new curriculum has been carefully designed with your child in mind, placing a strong emphasis on acquiring timeless lessons through enjoyable and engaging activities and meaningful experiences.

Join your child as they retrace the remarkable journey of the Jewish People from Egypt to the Land of Israel. Through the use of educational tools such as theater, crafts, STEM, and filmmaking, this immersive experience promises to captivate the attention of each and every student.



B.A.M. Curriculum for 6th Grade 

The newest addition to the JUDA program, The 6th grade group, B.A.M. (Pre- Bar/Bat Mitzvah)

Below is the calendar we've spent this summer forming and planning. B.A.M will be lead by our very own Rabbi Zalman, giving the children a holistic Jewish experience on a more mature level in preparation for their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. The children will build on their Hebrew reading and writing, understanding and familiarity with the prayers, and in depth Holiday learning. In addition, each week will be focused on one of the following four kinds of experiences.  

1.The Talmudic Ethics curriculum, which delves into the Talmud to help understand real life issues through the Torah lense. 

2. Jewish Lifestyle Trips, which has the students travel to another location to get a real hands on view of Jewish life and practices. 

3. Speakers, either in person or on zoom with a unique and valuable Jewish experience to share with the students. 

4. Teacher in Training, where the students will use their advanced Jewish knowledge to run activities and learning for the younger students in JUDA.